Harbourside Macadamias’ orchard is located on a peninsula at the mid-point of the Tauranga Harbour in the Bay of Plenty. The orchard is so named as it adjoins the harbour with views to Mount Maunganui and Matakana Islands above which there are glimpses of Mayor and Karewa Islands, in the Pacific Ocean. The orchard produces macadamia nuts, citrus, avocados and kiwifruit in accordance with exacting standards for both local and international consumers, with the rich loam and microclimate of the peninsula ensuring rich flavours and high quality produce.

Five varieties of macadamias are grown at Harbourside Macadamias, all carefully selected for the superior nutrition and flavour of their nuts. All varieties are GM and gluten free.

The Macadamia Tree
The Macadamia nut tree is a native of Australia and belongs to the Proteaceae family, being related to the New Zealand Rewarewa. It is an attractive evergreen tree.

The species Macadamia integrifolia, produces racemes of small cream coloured flowers from September to November. The nuts, when ripe, fall and are picked up every three days during May to August. The outer green husk is removed and the nuts then taken to be dried, so that the kernel becomes loose from the outer shell. The nuts are then cracked, the kernel graded, redried, packed and vacuum sealed for freshness.

Further processing takes place to bring you our range of irresistible and healthy macadamia products.

Our product range includes: Manuka Honey Roasted Macadamias, Chocolate Coated Macadamias, Roasted Salted Macadamias, Macadamia Meal, Macadamia and Sesame Dukkah, Macadamia and Karengo Seasoning.

New is the orchardist macadamia liqueur! The Orchardist Flyer

Open by appointment.

Harbourside Macadamias
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Orders and enquiries: 07 552 0718

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