Norm’s Original Peasant Bake

Lightly spray oven dish, approx 20 cm square by 6 cm deep, with oil.
Break up about 360 g of Breadnz sourdough bread into rough chunks a bit smaller than a ping pong ball and cover bottom of dish.
Drizzle bread generously with Viridis Grove garlic infused extra virgin olive oil.
Top with 2 large onions previously peeled, sliced and fried but not browned in oil.
Mix together a tin of chick peas and a tin of lentils, both drained but not rinsed and spread over onions.
Pour over one tin of flavoured tomatoes – Roasted Onion & Garlic, Italian, Moroccan, etc.  Spread well and gently ease it through the pulses to ensure some penetration into bread below.
Top with Mount Eliza cheese grated, either Farmhouse Cheddar, or Double Gloucester.
Bake, not fan, 180 degrees for about 1 hour. Can be left to stand for 10 minutes or so, once out of oven.
Serves four, or more generously, TWO!!
Mount Eliza Cheese, Breadnz sourdough bread and Viridis Grove oil can be bought at the Produce Market in Katikati, every Friday.

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